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Hal Shubin, principal designer and owner

Hal ShubinHal Shubin is the principal and founder of Interaction Design, Inc., a UX consulting firm near Boston, Massachusetts. His focus is creating great user experiences and helping clients incorporate UX design into product development. Download Hal's resume (pdf).

His experience includes Web and mobile apps, desktop software and hardware devices. Hal has developed successful methods for user experience design and customer research. These methods have evolved with the move to the Web and mobile apps.

Before becoming a designer, Hal was a software engineer, working on expert systems (artificial intelligence). This background gives him a unique ability to understand what is behind the designs and to talk with engineers about implementation details. Hal has an MS in Computer Science, a BS in Chemistry and an AAS degree in Biological Technology.

Hal was involved in the early years of the web, and wrote a still-cited paper on how designing for the web differs from designing for desktop systems. Working with the late Ati Gropius Johansen (daughter of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius), Hal taught a tutorial on color in UI design at the CHI 96 conference; shortly after that, Hal, Ati and graphic designer Debbie Falck wrote a paper on color in UI design. (See links below.)

Hal worked on some of the first Web applications, back when the Web was first being used for commercial purposes. Projects included an early HTML editor, and one of the first online applications of the familiar mail-order catalog order process.

Outside of work

Work is fun, but there are other things to keep us busy. Hal chair of the Market Committee of the Belmont Farmers' Market, is a founding director of the Belmont Food Collaborative, (a food assitance and education non-profit) and was President of the Acton Community Supper (a food pantry and meals program).

Hal was a Library Trustee for 18 years in Belmont and Maynard, Mass., and was a founding member of the Belmont Library Foundation. He loves to cook, watch baseball, listen to music and read newspapers (in print!).


Follow Hal on LinkedIn. Contact him about consulting opportunities: 617 489 6595 or hal@halShubin.com.

Publications and Patents

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