Product: Carbonite cloud backup

UX design and usability studies for a cloud backup service

Engagements: Interaction Design introduced Carbonite to UX best practices by running their first usability studies, and then a followup UX design project

Product: Carbonite cloud-based backup service

“Hal introduced Carbonite to UX best practices when we first hired him to conduct a usability study back in 2007. We've since hired him to conduct several studies at Carbonite over the years; he is an expert test organizer and facilitator with great attention to detail."
– Jess Petersen, User Experience Director at Carbonite

Details: The first usability study was on general use. Later studies researched important business topics: acquisition, billing, and the purchase flow. A full UX design project followed. Carbonite created their own successful UX team as a result of our work together.

Designing the full-restore process

We redesigned the process for restoring all of a user's backed up files. Requirements came from interviews with the CEO and other senior staff as well as our customer research.

The restore process previously asked too many questions, changed appearance from screen to screen and didn't reassure customers enough. The new process assists them through a very stressful situation: restoring files after a catastrophic loss of data.

The initial screen is at the top of this page. Here are two other screens, showing consistent appearance, how we reassured the user, and improved features:

Specifying files to be restored first
This is a new feature: the ability to indicate files to restore first. Like that resume for today's interview.

Restoring files
The process provides feedback and reassurance. That's important if you've just trashed your hard disk on the way to an important presentation.

The new UI is consistent, cuts out unnecessary interactions and includes new features such as specifying  a few files to restore first (like the resume you need for an interview right now).

We previewed the new UI with Carbonite's Customer Support team before doing two rounds of usability studies. Customer Support is a great resource, often untapped.

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