Product: Continuum Managed Services

Full UX design: design workshop, UI, error messages, emails, customer visits, usability studies

Engagement: Design Workshop, customer visits, usability studies, UX design (information architecture, UI, error messages, notification email text, design reviews)

Product: Scripting module for Continuum's SaaS-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) software

“I was impressed at how you managed to pull information from the partners in usability testing without pushing them to what you wanted to hear or see."
– Nicolas Dard, Product Manager

Details: Partners (IT companies) use the RMM system to manage systems for their clients. The scripting module allows partners to create and schedule scripts that automate tasks on client systems. Continuum asked Interaction Design to help their UX team develop a new user experience for scripting. They had personas and a great style guide, which made the process more efficient.

A Design Workshop to refine requirements

We began by interviewing partners, locally and by phone. Based on that and other background information, I organized and facilitated a Design Workshop to gather ideas from a wide variety of people: senior staff, documentation, engineering, account management, UX and product management.

Sketches & notes from the Design Workshop: the big questions to address (left) and a sketch of the Scripts tab (right)

Continuum's UX designer, product manager and I extracted requirements from the Workshop sketches, and we went right to work on an interactive prototype. We started reviews with Continuum's  great engineering team as soon as we had a few screens in the prototype to show them. This helped us refine the design, and helped them prepare for implementation.

Design activities included designing features for scheduling and creating jobs and looking up results; writing error messages, email notifications, and help text. We created an entirely new user experience that's gotten good feedback from users.

Usability studies for user feedback

Working closely with the UX team, I defined and facilitated a usability study of the prototype, which gave us great feedback from partners. A second usability study on live software led to some final adjustments before the release.

Result: a well-received update

The result is a product that is easier to use in many ways. Scripts are easier to create and schedule, there's better feedback about the script results and it's more modern-looking UI.

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