UX design

Analysis of business and user needs leads to design workshops, prototypes, usability studies and other customer research, and a final design

The user experience (UX) includes all of the interactions that your customers have with your product. Everything from information architecture to error messages requires careful attention.

We adapt our design process to fit your company, your team and your product. Design workshops, customer research, personas and usability studies help uncover user needs. Quick prototyping helps ideas come to life for review. Analysis of your business requirements and a well-tested design process complete the picture.

"Hal introduced me to personas. It helped me write requirements documents because it made me think through the product features more than I ever had. I use them when I walk product owners through all possible scenarios."
Shawn Becker, CTO, HomePortfolio

Discovery phase

We start by learning about your customers and your business needs.

  • Customer research helps us learn who the users are. Reviewing business goals and requirements sets the scope and creates necessary constraints for the project.
  • Personas create a shared understanding of your customers.
  • Technical discussions with your developers creates an important relationship and lets them start thinking about implementation.
  • Design Workshops always generate great ideas, and are a bridge to the Design phase.

Design phase

Design is an iterative process, building on what we learn about your company and customers.

  • We first develop an information architecture (IA), the overall structure of your product. The actual user interface is based on the IA.
  • We build interactive prototypes and use them in design reviews and usability studies.
  • Clients often say that exploring prototypes helps them refine product requirements.
  • Observing real customers in usability studies is another important source of feedback.
  • A graphic designer develops a visual design that supports the IA and your brand.

Delivery phase

Your goal is to build and deliver a product, but you don’t want a 100-page design document. We give you the prototype, specs for implementation (or a more-complete style guide), and any necessary written documentation. We’re available to answer questions during implementation.

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