Product: Dictaphone Physician's Workshop

Full UX design: speech-to-text dictation and workflow software for physicians

Engagement: We introduced Dictaphone to user experience design with this project. It included customer research, information architecture, prototyping, UX design, forming design teams, and usability studies with physicians.

Product: Physician's Workstation software, version 1, for speech-to-text dictation and workflow of patient notes. Other projects included PowerMic, a handheld microphone; and other tools for medical offices (Dictaphone is now part of Nuance)

Details: We worked with Dictaphone to develop requirements for the Physician’s Workstation, a speech-to-text system allowing physicians to dictate, edit and sign their patient notes without a transcriptionist.

"This is our first product that looks like it was designed with the user in mind."
– A Dictaphone team member

After developing an information architecture based on those requirements, we quickly built a prototype. It had enough interactivity to use in a usability study with physicians, which taught us a lot about them as users. Here's an example:

Demographic screen

"Enter demographic data? No, physicians don't do that. The office staff does that."
– A physician usability study participant

Once the client team approved the general direction, a graphic design colleague created a visual design model, which we incorporated into the next prototype. This was coded in HTML by a member of our team. We used it in the next round of usability testing, with other physicians at a local medical facility.

We created a handheld version for a Compaq PDA as well.

Other projects for Dictaphone: a number of related software tools and a dictation microphone.

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