Product: PCG website design

Plan and facilitate design workshops to develop requirements for a new corporate website

Engagement: PCG (Public Consulting Group) does management consulting for public-sector clients nationwide. They wanted an updated website to tell their story more concisely. I helped them generate requirements for the new site and begin the design process.

Project: A series of design workshops, mentoring and review of initial prototypes.

Details: We began with a discussion of PCG's goals for the new website and a review of the important user categories (the personas). I convened a meeting of senior consultants to develop topics for the workshops.

PCG website in a web browser PCG website on an iPhone

The new website, in a laptop browser (left) and on an iPhone (right)

We held separate workshops with consultants in each practice area so we could see where the needs of each group were similar and different. In each workshop, small groups started by brainstorming a topic, then sketched out their ideas to develop them further. Finally, each group presented its sketches to the others for an intensive Q&A session.

Participants enjoyed the process. They spent a lot of time talking about the personas and how they expected each user type to explore the new site.

After all of the workshops were complete, a core group reviewed the sketches that participants created. We looked for differences and similarities to inform the new information architecture of the site. A very talented member of the PCG design team developed an initial prototype. My role in that process was mentoring and reviewing the design.

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