Successful UX design projects for software and hardware products

Interaction Design has created great user experiences for many software and hardware products. Some have a very specific audience, while others have an unlimited audience. The common elements are our successful design process and careful collaboration with clients.

We have introduced user experience design to a number of companies, and helped them hire staff.

Product: ACM journal websites

Portfolio: ACM journal website templatesBusiness: Professional society in computer science
Project: A new, consistent & responsive website layout for all ACM journals. Information architecture, prototyping to help develop requirements, UX design, collaboration with a graphic designer.  ACM's annual report called the new design "a major enhancement to the Digital Library."

Other projects include: A corporate retreat with senior staff to redefine business models, design workshops, design and usability studies for the Digital Library (ACM's flagship product).

Product: Carbonite cloud backup

Screen from Carbonite full restore processBusiness: Cloud backup services for consumers and small businesses. We introduced user experience design to Carbonite.
Project: A series of usability studies. Topics included signup, acquisition and general use.
Project: A new full restore process. The result is a clearer process for restoring all of a user’s files after a catastrophic system failure.

Product: Constant Contact

Checklist thumbnailBusiness: Email Marketing software
Project: Customer research and design. Dozens of customers told us about their needs and how they used the product. It was amazing to hear their different stories. Product Owners and engineers participated and observed customers first hand, which is so important to their understanding of user needs.

Product: Continuum Managed Services

Business: SaaS-based remote monitoring and management software.
Project: Deisgn Workshop, requirements, customer visits, UX design (UI, error messages, email, etc), usability studies, design reviews.

Product: Dictaphone Physician's Workshop

Portfolio: Dictaphone Physician's Workshop screenBusiness: Speech-to-text systems for physicians. We introduced Dictaphone (now Nuance) to user experience design.
UX design and customer research with physicians to develop Physician’s Workstation, software for physicians to dictate, edit and sign their patient notes. Deliverables included style guides, prototype and implementation assistance.

Product: Dictaphone PowerMic II

Portfolio: Dictaphone PowerMicBusiness: Speech-to-text systems for physicians. We introduced Dictaphone to user experience design.
Design workshop, UX design and customer research to create the PowerMic dictation microphone for physicians to dictate and process patient notes.

Product: Early design on the web

Businesses: Many early web apps
Portfolio: Early web designsProjects: We've been designing web apps since they began. That experience translates into deep knowledge of how people use the Web and all sorts of devices.

Product: PCG website design

Design workshop sketchBusiness: Management consulting for public-sector clients nationwide.
Project: Develop requirements for a new corporate website to tell the company's story better.
Project: Plan and facilitate a series of design workshops to develop requirements for the new site, mentoring, and review of initial prototypes.

Product: Radius style guide

Checklist thumbnailBusiness: Global growth experts
Project: Creating guidelines for developing web software. The engagement involved researching the company's needs; reviewing how other companies present software-design guidelines; discovering, combining and creating design patterns to develop simple and consistent guidelines; reviewing drafts with Engineering, Marketing and UX; and finally creating the guidelines based on the review.

Product: State education website

EEC personaBusiness: Childcare regulations and training information for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Project: Large informational Web site. Information architecture for a large collection of documents and information, plus site redesign and a usability study.

Product: WorldPay Merchant Portal

Portfolio: WorldPay Merchant Portal sampleBusiness: Credit card processing
Project: Merchant information portal. Full UX design, including a design workshop, information architecture, a style guide, usability studies and customer research.

Product: WorldPay Mobile

Business: Mobile apps for credit card processing
Portfolio: WorldPay Mobile iPhone appProject: Customer research for mobile credit card processing: Usability studies and compliance reviews on iPhone and Android apps


Other clients

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Membership organization for computing professionals. Multiple projects: UX design for the corporate website; design and customer research on search; design workshops and usability studies for the Digital Library (ACM's flagship product); a research project on how practitioners and academics conduct online research; design for journal and magazine websites; facilitation of a corporate retreat. 
  • Allscripts: Electronic prescribing. Advanced design prototyping, product review.
  • America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated: Cooking websites. A site review to ensure that online and TV media supported each other properly. This was early in their time on the web, and their first introduction to UX design.
  • Authoria (now Peoplefluent): HR software. UX design and customer research for a self-service HR information system. This project introduced them to UX, and went on to build a large UX group.
  • Belmont Public Schools: Focus group and a usability study to evaluate the TeacherNet online education system, and discussions about the usability of a replacement product (pro bono).
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC): Usability study to analyze the performance of a new layout for an internal landing page for a Center in this hospital. We found that the new page met its goals, and learned about other pages in the site as well. This was their first usability study.
  • Bit9: Network threat protection. Design Workshop, UX design.
  • Boston.com: Online magazine connected with The Boston Globe newspaper. Expert product review and design guidance for a very early version of this website.
  • Building Green: Green design information for the construction industry. Design workshop, website redesign, web application design, customer research. This project introduced them to UX as part of product development.
  • CO3 (now Resilient Systems): Network incident response planning and execution. UX design.
  • Digital Equipment Corporation (now Hewlett-Packard): Printer management. UX design and usablity testing for networked printer management software.
  • DirectHit (now Ask.com): Search engine. Usability study about search strategies.
  • dunnhumby: Design workshop and prototyping to develop requirements for a major software overhaul of a big-data system to create advertising campaigns.
  • edX: Usability study and mentoring for this free online education system (MOOC).
  • Forrester Research: Business research. Website strategy and redesign, customer research.
  • HomePortfolio.com: Home design project and product information. E-commerce site design as a consultant, and VP of Design as an employee. This project introduced UX as part of product development.
  • Homesite Insurance: Comparative usability study of sites that offer insurance quotes.
  • Inso: Text proofing tools. UX design of spelling and text-proofing tools.
  • iQ NetSolutions: Telephony software. A complete redesign to increase both usability and compliance with platform UI guidelines.
  • Lotus Development Corporation (now IBM): UX design for Lotus Organizer (contact and calendar management), including US Patent #6,349,299. Earlier, as an employee, I was in the Working Together Group, responsible for ensuring that Lotus's products had a consistent style and UI.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab: Usability studies for advanced development speech and sound interpretation projects, leading to publications (listed on the About page).
  • MoreMagic: Corporate website for a mobile commerce-enabling company.
  • NorthernLight.com: Redesign for a search site home page. The redesign emphasized the special features that made NorthernLight.com different from other search engines.
  • Nuance: Usability study and follow-up design. I ran a study on a system to manage medical transcriptions of physician-dictated patient notes. We got great feedback – users were excited about new features and pointed out how much time they would save. We also discovered a number of features that needed attention to improve usability.
  • Philips Lifeline: UX design for intake and other parts of this pioneering medical alert system for seniors and others: Design Workshop, product design and customer research. Introduced UX as part of product development.
  • Pingtel: UX design for one of the first VOiP phones. My design goal was that users should never have to say, "I'll transfer you, but if I lose you, here's the number…" See the design at the website of the industrial designer I worked with.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: The BetterWeb site. Oversaw UI design of the BetterWeb website, a seal of approval for sites "that have committed to a higher standard for doing business on the Web."
  • Public Consulting Group (PCG): Management consulting for public-sector clients. A series of design workshops to develop requirements for a new corporate website, plus mentoring and review of initial prototypes.
  • Radnet: The first web-based groupware product. UX design and a usability study, including an early HTML editor.
  • Rowe International: Juke boxes. UI review of a music juke box.
  • RSA (now part of EMC): Computer security. Usability study. "Hal conducted a usability study on my products. He was very flexible about the approach, ensuring we got good value for the money spent."
  • Sermo: Online community for physicians. A number of usability studies on this community for the medical community. This project introduced UX to Sermo, and they built their own UX group.
  • Thomson Financial Services (now Thomson Reuters): Information services. UX design  and usability studies of patent-search and financial services software.
  • Upromise.com: College savings programs. Usability study of the registration process.

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