Product: Radius style guide

Research about style guides, assessment of existing software, specification of best practices.

Engagement: Develop design guidelines for web software to include in Radius' Corporate Branding Guidelines

Product: Create a software style guide to include in Corporate Branding Guidelines

Details: A style guide can include a wide variety of items and detail, so we started with a Discovery project to define the project scope.

The Discovery phase started with interviews with senior staff to understand their expectations. Then I worked with Marketing, Engineering and UX on the scope of the project: formats, topics and levels of detail. 

We analyzed a number of software style guides that other companies publish online. We reviewed the Radius software looking for unique patterns that we could use as is in the guidelines, and similar patterns that we could modify and combine. For example, the product presented error messages in a number of formats; some represented best practices, but others needed a little modification in wording, color or location.

In the Delivery phase, I created a draft document containing my recommendations. Marketing, UX and Engineering participated in a review where we discussed the open questions and decided among alternatives proposed in the draft. They accepted the final document and are working on implementation.

Surprise discovery: The AP Stylebook is fascinating, in a geeky sort of way.