Design workshops

Brainstorming + sketching: Collaboration to share assumptions & requirements, understand product needs and start prototyping

Design Workshops help team members share assumptions, develop ideas and help us catch up to what you've been thinking.

Our collaborative process uncovers product requirements quickly. it starts with traditional brainstorming, but ends with sketching, and leads right into creating interactive prototypes.

“Walking through scenarios and sketching ideas makes you put your customer hat on and think from the user’s point of view. It helped us address these things rather than think, ‘I know all about that.’ ”
– VP of Engineering

Participants work in small groups. Each group thinks about a task and a persona (user category). They consider requirements and assumptions, and how the feature should work. That's the brainstorming part. Next is sketching.

Sketching helps uncover more ideas

We go a step further and ask each group to sketch out their ideas. Doing a little drawing makes the group develop its ideas much further (and we don’t grade on drawing ability).

The sketches are filled with calendars, windows, grids of information, arrows, faces and whatever they think of to illustrate a point. We use Mr. Sketch scented markers because it's more fun (really!).

In the final step of a workshop, each group presents its sketches to the others for discussion, which is always stimulating.

Invite a range of people

Have you ever included your support staff in product discussions? We do because they listen to customers all day, and really understand the problem areas. People from all across your company can contribute, as well as your customers.

We've worked with remote groups, bringing together teams from other states and other countries.


Let's talk about a Design Workshop  If you have a new project, let's talk about starting it with a Design Workshop. Fill out the form, and we'll get right back to you to discuss the details.