Product: WorldPay Merchant Portal

Full UX design for a self-service/reporting portal

Engagement: Design Workshop, information architecture, full UX design, consistent error messages, a design style guide, mentoring and customer research. We introduced WorldPay to UX design.

I have worked with Hal at more than one company and on a variety of B2B and B2C projects. Hal's work has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction as well as operating costs. His UX design efforts included everything from information architecture to error messages.

Our teams learned how customers actually use our products by observing his usability studies. Finally, Hal worked with us to successfully build our own UX practice. Hal showed us the importance of focusing on users in product development.
– Jeff Robison, WorldPay COO

Products:  Merchant Portal, with self-service and reporting tools to manage merchants' credit card processing accounts; usability studies and compliance reviews on WorldPay Mobile; and usability studies on other products for sales reps and customers

WorldPay design workshop sample and initial prototype screen

A Design Workshop started the project quickly (left), and led directly to prototypes (right) used in iterative usability studies

Details: This was a complete product redesign, including:

  • Customer research: a Design Workshop, customer interviews and usability studies,
  • UX design: a new information architecture, a new UI, help pages and consistent error messages,
  • Mentoring: assistance in hiring and then mentoring a new UX designer,
  • Graphic design: supervising work done by a colleague
  • Collaboration: I worked with product owners, subject-matter experts, legal, sales, marketing, engineering, information security and others to understand user and business requirements and create a successful new design

Customer research

We talked with dozens of customers in usability studies and customer visits. Each one included WorldPay staff, who learned a lot by listening to their customers. Thei stories we heard gave us direction for the redesign, and told us about important features that no one had predicted.

Megamenus with items listed alphabetically make reports easier to find

Customers said that the new design makes reports easier to find and use. These megamenus help.

The new self-service features save money by reducing calls to Customer Support, and make users happy.

This self-service item helps merchants identify terminals

Merchants can create a nickname (like "Front counter"), which is easier to remember than the LK terminal numbers

A new way of working

The best outcome was helping the company develop a new product-development process focused on users. Interaction Design also helped WorldPay hire and mentor UX staff.

Other WorldPay projects included: Usability studies for an iPad sales app, a Web-based sales portal and a point-of-sale virtual terminal.

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