Product: WorldPay Mobile

A complex usability study, and UI reviews based on iOS and Android standards

Engagement: A complex usability study, and compliance reviews for mobile apps.

Products: WorldPay Mobile, a mobile credit-card processing system. Other usability studies included self-service and reporting tools in Merchant Portal and  other products for sales reps and customers.

Sketch of the usability study setup

Sketching the study setup helped plan it, especially as the study location was 1000 miles away

Details: I planned the study in coordination with WorldPay staff. This was a complex setup for a successful usability study with local and remote observers. This was the first time that many team members had heard customer comments first-hand.

The study provided a number of important recommendations that the team reviewed and began implementing. See a blog post on setting up this mobile usability study.

Other WorldPay projects include: Usability studies for an iPad sales app, a Web-based sales portal and a point-of-sale virtual terminal.

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